Where I get my fashion inspiration

Where I get my fashion inspiration

Hello fellow fashion lovers! I want to share with you today the who, what, where, when, and why I love fashion, and where I get fashion inspiration from. To not just get dressed in the morning, BORING, but create a moment from head to toe, like Rachel Zoe. First and foremost, I have always been surrounded by fashion- my mother was a buyer for a large retailer and I always begged her to let me tag along on work trips with her. In 5th grade I attempted to convince her to bring your daughter work day was actually bring your daughter to work week and just when I thought I had her she picked up the phone and called my teacher Mrs Scott. (Mrs. Scott, you will never understand that your horrendous holiday themed vests forced me to try and leave your class for a week for a much needed break from seeing you rock comfort shoes and mom jeans, but I forgive you for ratting me out, kind of.) So, back to inspiration: My Nana dresses like a G and taught me everything I know about shoes and wearing fabulous underwear. Listen people underwear is big deal, as my Nana says, “Look you have to wear fabulous underwear incase you have an emergency and go to the hospital.”

My sister is a fashion designer, amazing seamstress, and creative genius.

I began my fashion career as a personal stylists assistant, learned the ropes and branched out into personal shopping and wardrobing, closet makeovers, and styling for companies like I do for Moddeals.com. There is not a day, maybe even an hour that goes by that I am not constantly thinking about fashion. Fashion for me is an art that I get to create daily and more than just getting dressed, I want to create a fabulous moment to rock all day long. Art requires constant inspiration! I always have on hand fashion magazines and love to splurge on the UK editions. I collect pages from the magazines that really jump out at me and post them on my closet door for outfit ideas or color stories I want to try. I get a lot of inspiration from reading other fashion blogs, trolling on Polyvore, and when I am really stuck I have a few style icons I Google: Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton, Anne Hathaway, and Audrey Hepburn. I want to know what other style icons fellow fashionistas love to look to for inspiration, so tell me who’s your go to glamour girl?


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