Hey babes! It’s Monday, and that only means…another post about one of our MD models! Nadia is a bit of a newbie, but you would never know that with the sassy and chic attitude she portrays in her photographs! Get to know our little blonde beauty with her mini Q and A below! XO

1. What’s your style/fashion guilty pleasure? Shoes and handbags! Can you blame me? What woman wouldn’t go crazy over them?!

2. What’s your all-time favorite movie? The Notebook!

3. What’s your favorite music genre? Electronica and alternative; I love Bjork! 

4. What’s your favorite closet must-have? A complete black ensemble is  always crucial in any wardrobe!

5. What’s your favorite seasonal outfit? I adore dresses, so I try to wear them as much as possible!

6. Who is your fashion inspiration? Sarah Jessica Parker!

7. What do you never leave the house without? My purse! I have my entire world in it! 

8. What’s your favorite go-to accessory? Rings!

9. What’s your best-kept beauty secret? Eating about 5 times a day and drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated!

10. Describe your fashion style. I try to always stay as casual as I can. If I don’t have anything important to do that day, I love lounging around in comfortable clothes! 



With so much inspiration from these past fashion weeks, we are oozing with delight at the fact that we can easily recreate all of these at home (or maybe with the help of a friend)! Everything from Emma Stone’s short, wavy bob, to side-parted, long sleek ponytails on the runways, we can’t really choose just one style to wear this season! 

Nothing says, “I didn’t have time to do my hair” than a chic pony! This is a great option for those girls that straightened their hair the day before; just make a different side part in order to fully conceal those oily roots, bring the ponytail forward, and re-straighten the tail! Easy peasy! 

Another super cool way to change up your hair quickly is to make a pony, then tie tons of bands down the ends of it! Gorgeous! 

Ditch your bangs for a day by sweeping them back into a braid! Fix up some loose strands for a nice touch around the frame of your face! 

The messy bun that Emma Watson is rockin’ is the perfect way to get your hair out of your face quickly without much effort. Just part in the middle, tease the top hair around it, and tie it all back! Add bold lips and a moto jacket and you’re set! 

Did you just get out of the shower and need to run? Slick back hair with gel without putting any on the ends! 

Elevate your pony to the next level by braiding a few strands of hair and wrapping them around it and securing with bobby pins! 

Feelin’ bored with your everyday hair? Switch it up by changing your part! 

Victoria Justice adds a retro feel to her high ponytail by braiding it! Adding some shine serum and a bubblegum pink lipstick is highly recommended!

Braid a few cornrows and add some texturizing balm just like Ashley Benson did for that off-duty model look! 

Tease under your roots, then twist back and secure with bobby pins for an easy, flowy style just like Kiernan Shipka did for a romantic vibe! 

(Images courtesy of Getty Images)

Which one of these hairstyles was your favorite? xo


As crazy as it sounds, the holidays are just around the corner, so in order to not have your abs go into hibernation mode throughout the fall and winter seasons, we are going to help keep your body moving with our super cool active wear and tips as to why getting a good workout is essential and can be fun! Read on! 


1. Mesh My Sport Jacket, $10

2. Time to Workout Active Top, $10

3. Mesh My Sport Jacket, $10

4. Rainbow Brite Cropped Yoga Pants, $10

5. Clear Skies Aviator Sunglasses, $4.50

6. Urban Chic Colorblock Sneakers, $14.50


- Buy some great running shoes. Because someone once said that “good shoes can take you good places”.

-  Get yourself some good running headphones. If they aren’t just right, they will be bugging you the entire time, which will distract you from exercising altogether.

- Find some cute workout clothes from ModDeals, of course! 

- In order to prevent any kind of injury, make sure you stretch everything out before any sort of workout! 

- Some workouts, such as running, can help ease whatever stress you’re having and create a calm inside that can’t be achieved by any other form of exercise.

- Watch your favorite show while on the treadmill, or if you’re out of your house, listen to music that moves you in order to make time go faster and your workouts more enjoyable. 

Which one of these tips helps you most during a workout? XOXO