The weekend has arrived and it was definitely made for taking time off from school, work, or maybe both- and we get it. This does not mean that you have to stick with being in your floral pajamas for 48 hours because you have plenty of things to do that require dressing up- going to the movies, chilling at your friend’s house, and restaurants to go eat at! We are very lucky that we don’t need a lot in order to get ready, and having great style does not always have to be so complicated or uncomfortable! Below we describe why each of these weekend-worthy looks totally work, and why YOU should take advantage of your 2-day break! 

Jeans and a Basic Tee: Regardless of what you think, you CAN look very stylish and chic with such a simple outfit- the key is to know how you accessorize it! Just take a look at fashion blogger, Annie (above middle)! Pair some super high-waisted relaxed-fit pants with a cropped t-shirt, a bold belt, and some polished slip-ons! You’ll most definitely make the cut with this ensemble! 

A Matching Set: We are all for this matching trend, especially because it saves us time in the morning (or whenever you get up on Saturdays!), while still lookin’ fly! It’s the ultimate throw-on-and-leave combo and will always make you look like you’re put together! Grab some cool flats or sandals and a small handbag like blogger Tonya (above left), and you’re set!

Skirt + Sneakers= Perfect. Who said sneakers were meant to be worn only to school? Aisa (above right) plays up the sporty type with a cool varsity jacket-inspired blouse and matching skirt (but honestly, you can find anything out of your closet and a pair of sneakers that will work!). Get creative and set a new trend! 

So what will you be wearing this weekend?! Let us know through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @moddeals!