Big Hair Don’t Care

Big Hair Don’t Care

I’m obsessed with big hair and Lana Del Rey has fueled my obsession into full gear.
big hair styling tips - LanaDelRey

This sultry singer has got an amazing voice and amazing style. In my quest to make my naturally pin straight hair big like Ms. Lana’s I picked up BigSexyHair Powder Play.
Powder Play

I bought the mini version at Ulta for around 3 bucks. The powder helps build volume and texture. It works! I had huge hair in no time. I started with a little sprinkle and loved it so much I went crazy. I wish I took a picture. Next time I will. My hair was huge and stayed huge all night. My only complaint was that the product is difficult to wash out. I would highly recommend trying it out! Any other tips for big hair??


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