9 Things You Have Now That Your Mom Didn’t

9 Things You Have Now That Your Mom Didn’t

Consider yourself lucky because forty or fifty years ago your mommy dearest did not have the great styling tools that you consider essentials in your life.

1. A FLAT IRON: Call it an essential, a partnership, or a love hate relationship between your flat iron and your mane, but there is a reason why your mom had frizzy hair back in the day. Nowadays, you can take your curly locks and transform them into pin-straight hair with the push of a button and 395°F heat that will fry tame your hair in seconds.

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2. Faux Leather Shorts: Even if she wanted to, and was allowed to wear these sexy shorts, she was probably too busy looking cute (frizzy hair and all) in her poodle skirt, saddle shoes, and side ponytail. Fail.

3. Madonna: The woman that gave meaning to a safer world by allowing sexy, outspoken self-expression, and had us learning the lyrics to Like a Virgin instead of studying for Monday’s dreaded math test.

4. Victoria’s Secret Seamless Push Up Bras: I am seriously thankful for Victoria’s Secret, their amazing creations and their sexy angels. Long gone are the days of uncomfortable structured bullet bras; unless of course you’re into the retro pin-up girl style, then kudos to you.

5. Self Defense Ballet Flats: She had saddle shoes to wear with her Pepto-Bismol pink poodle skirt, we have killer spiked ballet flats. No need to pay your body guard to keep you safe anymore, unless he’s a David Beckham look alike.

6. Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange: A must-read, must-have book written by a french iconic supermodel who became Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for the House of Chanel, whose chic Parisian style and elegance I envy admire.


7. A Racy Lace Blouse: Leave the white lace for the soon to be brides. Contrary to what your mother says, thankfully we now have the option of dressing up or down whenever we feel like it, so don’t be afraid of wearing a peekaboo lacy blouse with distressed jeans and sky high heels.

8. Kate Moss: One of the most controversial, iconic style, party-loving supermodels on the face of this earth. She has survived 25 years in the fashion industry thanks to her trademark effortless chic style; Like A Moss!  Your mother wouldn’t approve of your imaginary friendship with Kate the Great.

9. Voguepedia: She had McCall’s Magazine; you have Voguepedia. I rest my case.


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