5 Reasons Why You Need Kleancolor Nail Polish

5 Reasons Why You Need Kleancolor Nail Polish

Moddquad Girls are all over nail polish and nail trends. Nails are the new accessory that is becoming more and more amazing with every season. But we were wondering, what else can we do with these great Kleancolor nail polishes? At $1.80 its a steal so upgrade your look and keep ahead of the nail trend with these 5 reasons why you NEED Kleancolor nail polishes.

1. Upgrade your bobby pins

Paint your bobby pins with any Kleancolor nail polish to customize and glamourize your must have hair accessory. Look how happy these  hot models are with their custom painted bobby pins.


2. Customize Your Keys

Have two keys that look identical? Ever fumble and mix up which key goes where? Paint the top of your keys with  Kleancolor polish and now you can tell them apart! Even if you don’t have trouble with your keys its so freaking cute we want to paint every key we can get our hands on. If your feeling super creative DIY a necklace from an old key and some nail polish. Then post it of course!


3. Chunky Glitter Nail Trend

Have you been to the nail shop lately? You need a customized stand out nail. No more boring solid colored nails. Spice it up with chunky glitter! Dap a small amount at the tip or base for a simple embellished nail. Or go all out on just one nail for a statement. Or, if your anything like the modsquad, you would take that chunky glitter to every nail and embrace an over the top manicure.

kleancolor nail polish at moddeals.com

try Kleancolor Tiara Gold over a dark base color.Click on the polish to purchase for only $1.80

kleancolor nail polish - lacquer-tiara-gold at moddeals.com

4. Flat Matte Trend

Try the matte nail trend without breaking the bank. Don’t splurge on an overpriced matte polish. Snag a Kleancolor for $1.80 then add a few pinches of  cornstarch. Ta-da! Matte Nails.

kleancolor nail polish: aenglandCamelotKleancolorBitemematte at moddeals.com-1

5. Upgrade your sunglasses

Got a pair of sunnies that could use a little something extra like a pop of color or glitter? Paint them with polish! Spring is on its way and its time to bust out bright colors. Don’t buy a new pair of glasses just brush on some Kleancolor nail polish for an updated look.


Post your Kleancolor manis and upgrades!


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