This school year is all about you! New classes, new friends, new after school activities, new clothes! Everyone knows that your first day back (or at a brand new school) is crucial, and first impressions are ALWAYS very important! By now we are sure that you have thought a lot about your debut look- whether you are looking to re-invent your summer pieces into more of a transitional fall wardrobe, or are looking to introduce newer items into your looks, we have tons of inspiration for you to fall back on, and it never hurts to try something you never have before! Always make sure you pay attention to detail, and remember that mixing and matching properly is key. Whether you’re more of a basics type of girl, or an eclectic, punk rocker babe, we’ve got a little something for you here at ModDeals


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When it comes to standing out, you probably think that you need to wear extravagant colors in order to do so, but you are wrong. Wearing neutrals can have just as much impact and make an equally amazing statement. This past spring was big on this trend, where there were plenty of black and white items that were anything but low-key. While this color combination is the most basic, it is also very fun and you can rock it from morning to nighttime. Wear a sleek black blazer over a chic white dress and some polished pumps, or put your arms on display with a great sleeveless blouse and pencil skirt! Pair your outfit with a pop of color, such a bold orange, pink, or even electric blue for an ensemble that will surely put you to the top outfit maker list! Get a little bit edgy with an all white skater dress and black accessories (shoes, purse, jewels), or vice versa; match a three-piece suit, such as a white top and blazer with black trousers, or just remain simple and cool with black leather pants and a crisp, white top! 

How would YOU wear this trend, babe? <3

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